Let Us Show You How Easy Trading Should Be...
Forget the years of study and hours of work each day.. 
Now you can find the best trades from over 11,000 stocks & ETF's – in seconds... with exact prices to get in, get out and take your profit... with no guessing. Ever.
Step 1:
Know exactly when to buy and sell with the StockEngine TrendMonitor
Instantly see the trend of the market... and stop trying to figure out if it's time to buy, sell or stay out. Our TrendMonitor gives you simple, color-coded signals that show you exactly what the market is doing... so you'll always know what to do.

Green arrows = bullish: it's time to buy.
Red arrows = bearish: it's time to sell.
Yellow = sideways: hold and wait for a better opportunity.
Step 2:
Scan thousands of stocks & ETF's to instantly find the best trades...
If you can click a few buttons, then you have the skills you need to be a successful trader.

All you have to do is select from Stocks or ETF's, choose your timeframe and check off a few optional features, and StockEngine  does the rest. Our system instantly scans thousands of stocks and ETF's to deliver exact trade signals to you.
Step 3:
Get the exact prices for entering, exiting and taking profits on each trade... to the penny.
Tired of systems that make you guess when to buy or sell? So are we... that's why StockEngine has eliminated the guesswork altogether. For every one of our almost 11,000 symbols, we provide you the exact price to enter your trade, to take your profits and to get out... down to the penny. 

So there's no guessing. Ever.
Step 4:
Manage your trades like the world's best traders... lock in your profits and cut your losses.
Once you're in a trade, we make it just as easy... For every trade signal, we give you two optional profit targets, so you can take some money off the table. And our trailing stop gives you an exact "get-out" price, so that you can let your profitable trades ride and cut your losses so quickly... so you can maximize your gains and preserve your capital.
Step 5:
Keep track of all of your trades in a custom portfolio.
Track all of your trades quickly and easily. With one click, you can create a custom portfolio, so you can keep track of your retirement accounts, investment portfolios... or even ideas you're just trying out.
Step 6:
Put your mind at ease with 100% transparency... we show you ALL profits & losses on every trade.
Wondering whether StockEngine actually works? Don't take our word for it... we'll show you.

For every trade signal, we give you the current profit/loss, in both percentage and dollar terms... We also provide a composite performance.... For every scan you may run, we display the overall winning percentage, breakdown of winners/losers and long/short, and total profit/loss... We believe in StockEngine and have nothing to hide.
Step 7:
Start Trading with StockEngine now
You can completely change your trading future in just minutes.

The same level of highly specialized stock information will typically cost you anywhere from $300 a month to over $20,000 a year … yet right now you can become a StockEngine member for just $159 per month, or $1,590 per year.

Get started today, and change the way you trade... forever.
Traders Have Great Things to Say About StockEngine...
“StockEngine is the best trading system I've ever used. Other systems cover all stocks & ETF's but their signals are fuzzy and inaccurate. StockEngine gives me the best of both worlds: exact buy, sell and exit signals - for every single Stock & ETF.”

“I have been involved with trying to earn money in the stock market for over 20 years... Nothing worked. Then I found StockEngine… This is amazing!! No more guessing.… The system is easy… If you are trying to trade with any other system get out and buy this.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a short term trader or a long term buy and hope investor, we all make a timing decision as to when to enter and exit a trade. I have the tools that you taught me as to when to take the appropriate action and expect to be right most of the time.”

Take a Look at Just 3 of Our Recent Trade Signals...
EXAMPLE 1... 1,518% in this small cap stock in 34 days
Enerjex Resources, Inc. (ENRJD)  |  Bought: $0.51 Current Price: $8.25
Profit: 1,518%
EXAMPLE 2... 225%... big gains in Netflix
Enerjex Resources, Inc. (ENRJD)  |  Bought: $0.51 Current Price: $8.25
Profit: 225.8%
EXAMPLE 3... ETF short for 94% profit
Semiconductor Bear 3X Direxion ETF (SOXS) 
Sold Short: $187.74 | Current Price: $10.93
Profit: 94.1%
Start trading with StockEngine today...
Let’s think about what’s really important here … your portfolio and your financial goals... And now let’s think about the potential return on your investment in StockEngine.

Look again at the examples above...

As you can see, a small investment into any one of these stocks or ETF’s would've easily paid for your entire subscription and then some.

And these are just three of our thousands of trade signals…. each day.

Bottom line … membership in StockEngine pays for itself very quickly.
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