Trade over 8,700 stocks.
No matter which stocks you trade, StockEngine has you covered. We offer over 8,600 equities from every major index, sector, industry and market capitalization.
Trade any stock you want, your way.
Whether you're a long-term investor or a shorter-term trader, we've got you covered. All of our trade signals are available in both the daily and weekly timeframes.
Stock Engine provides trade signals for over 8,700 stocks. Choose from the Dow 30, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, S&P 400 Midcaps or the entire universe of U.S. stocks.
Stock Engine offers two ways of managing your trades. For those of you who like to take some money off the table, we give you two profit targets for each trade. And for those who prefer to exit your position at once, we offer a more aggressive method that exits at our trailing stop.
Pinpoint the hottest sectors & industries.
You can quickly and easily find the strongest – and weakest – sectors and industries with Stock Engine’s sector tools. We rank 16 sectors and over 250 industries by trend strength, and we also show both 10-week and 10-day trend histories for each one.
Create Unlimited Portfolios
Whether you're investing for retirement, capital gains or anything else, you can create custom lists of stocks to track. Stock Engine gives you unlimited portfolios so you can track each of your trades simply and easily.
“Stock Engine is the best trading system I've ever used. Other systems give you precise signals - but only for a few stocks. Others cover all stocks & ETF's but their signals are fuzzy and inaccurate. Stock Engine gives me the best of both worlds: exact buy, sell and exit signals - for every single Stock & ETF.”
~ J. tirado
Start Trading with Stock Engine Today
  •  StockEngine's proprietary Trend Monitor™
  •  StockEngine TradeFinder™ for instantly scanning almost 11,000 stocks and ETF's
  • TradeMatrix™: Buy, sell, exit and stop signals for every trade
  •  Real-time P/L for every trade signal
  •  And much more...
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